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Explore the historical European city of Prague and discover the top restaurants, bars, things to do, what to pack, tips before you travel, getting around the city, and more.

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    • Lennon Wall

      Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs. 

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    • Powder Tower

      The Powder Tower or Powder Gate is a Gothic tower in Prague, Czech Republic. It is one of the original city gates. It separates the Old Town from the New Town.

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    • Franz Kafka’s Head

      An outdoor sculpture by David Černý depicting Bohemian German-language writer Franz Kafka, installed outside the Quadrio shopping centre in Prague.

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    • Spanish Synagogue

      The Spanish Synagogue is the newest synagogue in the area of the so-called Jewish Town, yet paradoxically, it was built at the place of the presumably oldest synagogue, Old School. The synagogue is built in Moorish Revival Style.

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    • Charles Bridge

      Charles Bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century.

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    • St. Vitus Cathedral

      The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert is a Roman Catholic metropolitan cathedral in Prague, the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. Until 1997, the cathedral was dedicated only to Saint Vitus, and is still commonly named only as St. Vitus Cathedral.

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    • The Narrowest Street of Prague

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  • Parks

    • Wallenstein Garden

      17th-century gardens at the Senate palace, with ornamental pools & baroque statues (public Apr-Oct).

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  • Spas

    • Original Beer Spa

      A relaxation spa procedure based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients used in beer, and classic Czech treatments.

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  • Cafes and Coffee Shops

    • Bánh Mì Ba

      A small Vietnamese cafe with banh mi or noodle dishes made with fresh local ingredients with no added flavors. 

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    • Naše Maso

      A popular butcher shop with quality meat from Czech breeds - aged beef of the Chester breed, pork from Přeštice pigs - and in-house smoked meats that can be taken to-go or prepared in-house to eat. 

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    • Pauseteria

      A cafe around the corner from Old Town Square that offers coffee and pastries to go, or a small menu to dine in.  

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