Holiday Gift Guide: My Top 5 Travel Upgrades

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My favorite kind of gift to give (and receive) is something you wouldn’t buy yourself. This year more than ever, I’ve noticed how many of my peers have stepped out of their comfort zones to travel to their dream destinations. So when I was planning out what I wanted to include in this gift guide, I didn’t want to include all the basic essentials most people probably already have, such as travel adapters and passport holders. Instead, I’ve rounded up my top five upgrades that will allow these jet setters to travel more comfortably, confidently, and efficiently. Great for both men and women!

  1. The best suitcase on the market: Away Carry On 
    The TSA-approved combination lock, compression system, and 360 degree double wheels have made all the difference in my ease and comfort of traveling with a carry-on. Read my full review here.
  2. Comfortable, weatherproof shoes: Allbirds Wool Runners 
    These are stylish and machine washable too! Available in men’s and women’s.
  3. Upgraded headphones: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones or Apple AirPods 
    Especially great for business or long-distance travelers, the person who likes to sleep on planes, or someone who is always listening to music or taking calls on-the-go. Read my Bose reviews here or here (they’re perfect for everything except sleeping on your side!).
  4. Luxurious scarf: Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Scarf 
    I have this scarf in a neutral color and love how it doubles as a blanket or shawl, matches everything, keeps me warm yet is still lightweight, and folds up small. I bring it with me on every trip!
  5. A spa certificate for their upcoming travels: 
    In our travels to Montreal and Prague, my boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a spa experience. On both occasions, I vividly remember us saying to each other that it was the best decision we could have made in our planning. Looking back, I remember these spa outings just as much as (if not more than) the tourist attractions. After a long day of flying or walking for miles, nothing feels better or gives you more of a mental boost to enjoy and feel re-energized for the rest of your trip than a massage! I think it would be a great gift if they already have a trip booked. (image source)

What travel investments have you made that proved to make all the difference?

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