Links To Look At, Volume 12

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Summer is upon us and people are traveling! Based on what I’ve seen, saved, and read, I’ve put together my favorite links covering travel tips, destination ideas, dining, recipes, mocktails, and all things Orlando. Plus, I’m launching my ShopMy page! I’ve shared Links To Look At previously but it’s been far too long. I hope you enjoy them and find that they inspire you in some way – whether it’s finally trying that new restaurant or adding a new city to your bucket list.

New York, NY

Introducing The Shop!

New to Adventures in Gourmet, I’m excited to introduce you to The Shop!

ShopMy is a platform where I can showcase, organize and monetize my favorite products, and work directly with brands! Right now, I have four categories in my shop – travel, food & drink, wellness, and beauty. I have so many ideas I can’t wait to share. To stay up-to-date, follow me on Instagram. To support me, click on items or brands of interest in my shop before checking out your cart. Depending on the retailer, I may receive a commission from your order.

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Recently & Coming Soon in Orlando

  • There are 3 new openings within a 5-minute walk on Mills Ave. that I am VERY excited for – Pigzza, Lamp & Shade, and Zymarium Meadery. I LOVE this neighborhood I’m so lucky to call home. I can’t wait to try and review them for you! Make sure you’re following along @adventuresingourmet.
  • Camille opened their May reservations today on Tock! If you’ve never been, add it to your bucket list for a special occasion. We absolutely loved it! This is expected to be their last month in The Neighbors before they move to their own space in Baldwin Park. Have you seen the interior photos?! It’s stunning. I can’t wait!
  • Eight new restaurants in Orlando were recognized by the Michelin Guide. I’ve been to 4 so far, including Doshi, Edoboy, Kaya, and Otto’s High Dive. It doesn’t come without a little drama though. As Bungalower reported, “Michelin added eight more restaurants to its Orlando guide because they were paid to release a new guide every year for three years. So while it’s exciting, for what they were paid, we think they could have folded in a couple more restaurants to round the number to 10.” Totally agree.
  • Orlando tops the list yet again for most booked destinations via Google Flights this summer. Check out the rest of the list here.

My Adventures in Orlando

  • A recent discovery of mine were the shark kebabs at Grills Seafood. So good! However, as of this morning, we saw this article. Yikes…there are so many more local places I’d rather support. Here are some more waterfront dining options.
  • I finally went to The Monroe in Creative Village, and it was so cute! Surpassed expectations in both food and environment.
  • Another recent first was Seito in Baldwin Park, which I gave my honest thoughts about here.
  • The Courtesy never disappoints. We are loving their new location in Winter Park!
  • A tried-and-true favorite now closer to home is Pizza Bruno in College Park. It was incredible. I can’t remember the last time I felt so full and happy, haha.
  • Before (or after) Pizza Bruno, check out the new Freehand Goods next door. It’s the shop you know and love from East End Market, but now has a bar too!
  • Thanks to everyone who sent over Lake Nona brunch recommendations. Chroma was the clear winner so that’s where we went. The cinnamon bun was to die for!

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