Links To Look At, Volume 5

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I’m back with more Links To Look At, which I will be posting every other Tuesday moving forward. Today’s volume features fun road trips in the U.S., in-flight routines of influential people, and ways to boost your travel mentality. I love researching and discovering great travel gear (and will round up major sales such as Amazon Prime Day & the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), but I also frequently link to recommend products in this series and on Pinterest.  I hope you enjoy!

The Wyld – Featured in this post

Destinations & Itineraries

Packing Tips & Travel Products

All Things Flying

  • This will answer all your questions about Global Entry.
  • New flight routes you may want to consider for traveling abroad
  • How to relax before a flight, something we could probably all use 
  • Flight attendant’s favorite travel snacks
  • Keeping your gut happy when crossing time zones
  • 7 Travel Rituals from one of my favorite bloggers
  • Average domestic airfares near record lows. I was having a conversation over dinner with my parents and uncle about if times back in the ’70s for example were “better” than they are now. We really got into it, including the cost of flying. Surprisingly, flight prices haven’t really changed that much considering the drastic increase in cost of gas and other modes of public transportation (NYC subway was a nickel a ride?! So hard to imagine).
  • A very helpful breakdown of how every major airline’s international basic economy compares
  • An in-flight skincare routine from a beauty editor
  • It’s about time, Southwest
  • A few different tips I haven’t heard of for beating jet lag

Boosting Your Travel Mentality

  • What a wonderfully written piece about the purpose of traveling. One of my favorite excerpts was, “Rather than traveling to be indulged and waiting for inspiration to strike, I now ask for the whole truth — and I look for the beauty in it. I seek people and their knowledge and culture. I look for rejuvenation among the landscape, and truth in the language.”
  • It’s easy to forget to practice self care while traveling. This may re-inspire you!
  • Some travel apps I hadn’t heard were on this list
  • We’ve all been there – indulging while traveling! Here’s how to get back on track.

In Case You Missed It

Did you learn something new from any of these links? I know I always do! If there are any travel topics you’d like to see more of in this series, feel free to leave a comment below, message me on social media, or e-mail me!

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