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The past couple weeks have been very productive for me, with some fun in there too of course! I’m nearly one month away from my trip to Europe, so I’m putting together itineraries, booking reservations/tickets, and practicing packing (don’t laugh – it’s hard to fit 3 weeks in a small carry-on)! This week, I’m headed to Orlando for a visit where I’ll be sure to try out some new places. Then, it’ll be a matter of getting ahead on all things at work before I’m away. Time has already flown by tremendously – how is it already August?! I hope you are all making the most of summer while it lasts!

Zurich, Switzerland

Travel Products I Bought Recently 

As I approach my big trip, I’ve been researching, purchasing, and testing products that I think will make my travels better in some way. I wanted to share links to these great finds for your late summer/early fall travels, however I won’t review anything until I’ve truly put it to use. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to comment below/e-mail/message me and I’d be happy to help as much as I can.*

  • Although I haven’t traveled with it yet, I’m impressed and excited by my new Away Carry-On. It is a splurge, but they have an incredible return policy and warranty. Stay tuned for a detailed review once I’ve taken it for a spin!
  • I’m so happy with my Amazon Prime Day purchases including this one and especially this one. They really work! This travel pillow was unfortunately too big for me, so I found something better…
  • It’s an inflatable (and hygienic) travel pillow!
  • I decided to keep these as one of two (or three – weather dependent) shoes I’ll be traveling with. I really like how deep of a black shade the black suede is. I’m also bringing this jacket. No weather can stop me from exploring! Plus, they’re great pieces to have in your wardrobe (that I didn’t have already). 
  • I’m still waiting for this one in the mail, but I finally gave in to the Instagram-famous, trendy toothbrush! It looks perfect for travel, unlike my previous bulky electric toothbrush.
  • I kept seeing this TUMI backpack and loved the design, but I couldn’t justify the price. I kept searching and searching…until…I found the most incredible dupe! So happy. #missionaccomplished
  • I have been taking these melatonin gummies as needed for a few months now, and they really work! They’re less intense as a sleep aid, which is important for when you need to actually get up when your alarm goes off. I’m curious to see how they work on an overnight flight.
  • This mask is wonderful for reviving dull, tired, dehydrated skin. It’s definitely coming with me in my backpack! I also talked about it here (months later and still going strong). While it is less than 3.4 fl. oz., it is admittedly kind of large in size. I plan to roll the packaging down (like you might do with toothpaste) so I bring it half-full. A little goes a long way, so I know it will last!
  • Not all travel necessities are fun and exciting purchases. This travel adapter works all over the world and fortunately isn’t too large in size like many are.

Destinations On My Wishlist

  • I’m considering some of these magical European day trips while I’m staying in The Netherlands for a week! I’m also grateful for this thorough London guide
  • A guide to Porto, Portugal and another to Ibiza, Spain from two of my favorite bloggers. Also, where to stay in Barcelona. Hoping my next trip to Europe is to Portugal and Spain!
  • A very useful article on how to travel to the French Riviera. I visited Nice, Ville Franche Sur Mer and Monte Carlo years ago and am hoping to return as soon as possible. It’s one of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled to – the food, the views, the weather…incredible!
  • Where To Eat in Aspen from another one of my favorite bloggers. In the U.S., I’m very anxious to visit Colorado in general (Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Vail) and hope I can make it happen within the next year.
  • A guide to Orange County, California in the summer, another guide to the best beaches in Southern California and some pretty cute places in San Diego – one day I’ll return to Southern California not for work…one day…
  • A beginner’s guide to San Francisco. I traveled there when I was in middle school and would love to return soon! All I remember is driving down Lombard Street in a Suburban, riding on the cable cars, a fortune cookie making factory in Chinatown, spicy Thai food, and seeing a limo parked outside of my hotel with my name on the license plate (that sadly wasn’t for me, haha).
  • How to spend 72 hours in Portland – sounds like a perfect long weekend trip to me! I’ve more recently become interested in Portland, as I hear their food scene is exploding!
  • While living in New York City, I never made it to any of these popular weekend getaways. I’d love to check out at least one on my next visit!

What destinations are on your wishlist? If they are within the U.S., check out this two-day JetBlue sale! Travel between 9/4/18 – 11/7/18 (blackout dates include 9/10-9/12, 9/19, 10/8). Hurry!

Planning & Packing

  • Going on a big trip soon? Check out these travel accessories for long flights
  • Although I’m still working through back-up inventory of beauty products, I hope to eventually convert to using all clean beauty products. If you’re already to that point, consider this round-up of the best of clean beauty products that come in travel-size!
  • Healthy snacks to pack in your carry-on. I got some good ideas from this list! 
  • What you should never do on an airplane, according to physicians (if you can help it!). I was battling a horrible head cold flying alone from LA to NYC once for work and it was awful. The flight attendant ended up bringing me BOXES of tissues they had in storage. I did the very best I could to keep everything as hygienic as possible for the sake of my fellow passengers and aisle mates, but it was not fun. I’m convinced being on the plane made my cold worse/made the recovery process much slower. The lessons to learn here are to always bring antibacterial wipes and pocket tissues, pack cold medicine/Zicam/Vitamin C for any trip regardless of length or destination, and consider booking flights that you can change (like Southwest) if you get sick often. Fortunately since I have lived back in Florida for the past 1.5 years, I have not had a head cold once!
  • Incredible fitness trainer Tracy Anderson’s workout routine you can do anywhere, plus, some of her favorite travel tips. I used to do her arm routines (found on YouTube) in my tiny NYC apartment. They were very challenging to say the least!
  • Another awesome travel workout routine (that’s only 10 minutes!) from one of my absolute favorite YouTubers. Reminds me of my HIIT bootcamp classes.
  • I found this guide to using Google My Maps VERY helpful!
  • Planning for AFTER your trip? Stay with me here… I’m talking brain fog that can easily happen. Here’s what to do about it!

In Case You Missed It

*Some links are affiliate, which means I may make a small commission from your purchases.

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