Links To Look At, Volume 9

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Happy New Year! I’m feeling very optimistic about and excited for 2019, including some major life changes like moving and starting a new job. I challenged myself personally and professionally in 2018, which I feel has set me up for a very successful year ahead. Looking forward to sharing the details with you all soon! In the meantime, since my last Links To Look At post, I’ve published three Europe city guides: Prague (my first premium guide filled with exclusive content), Vienna, and Bruges. Next up will be Budapest, followed by The Netherlands and London. I can’t wait for you to see them so you can add these incredible cities to your 2019 bucket lists!


Worth Reading For A Smarter 2019

Overbooked Versus Overlooked Destinations – While I believe timing is everything, especially when it comes to travel, these alternate options are very worth considering. I can personally attest to how overcrowded Amsterdam was from my trip in September. More on that coming soon!

Orlando International Airport ranked among most likely to delay your flight – Well, this is very unfortunate. I highly recommend TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry for 2019 if you don’t have it already. It’s made a huge difference for me, especially at MCO!

24 Things to Do on a Plane When You’re Bored – This article made me laugh, probably because I have found myself feeling bored on a plane one too many times. I blame the broken TV in front of me (when EVERYONE else’s works), or the super slow wi-fi. I think writing cards/postcards is a great idea, and I’ve been obsessed with podcasts lately too.

How to stay healthy while traveling (from a germophobe) – There are tons of articles on this topic, but I found this one to have the best round-up of predictable and unpredictable tips.

Healthy travel tips from models, personal trainers, fashion editors and more – I will never not be interested in these types of articles! I find it so interesting what routines, habits, and recommendations people have for travel, health/wellness, and beauty.

Top Travel Destinations of 2019

Travel and Leisure’s The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019

Conde Nast Traveler’s 19 Best Places To Go in 2019

Where To Travel in 2019: 15 Places To Go from the most popular travel YouTube channels! I loved this idea and how it was put together.

19 Destinations To Consider in 2019 – While I’ve been to or have obviously heard of a few, the majority are pretty foreign to me. Go before it becomes another Iceland!

The Old and The New

The Old – places I’ve lived in or visited

Looking Back on 100 Years of New York City Drinking Culture, From Gritty to Elegant – As someone who lived in NYC and greatly appreciated the bar culture of the city, I found this to be such an interesting read.

New restaurants in NYC to try in 2019 – Because I insist on visiting NYC this year! It’s been too long.

A pretty spot-on round-up of free things to do in Orlando

The Brickell area of Miami is finally receiving the attention it deserves – such a fun, modern neighborhood!

The New – places I’d love to travel to

From what I’ve heard, everyone either LOVES Paris or doesn’t at all. I want to find out for myself and use these guides for where to stay in Paris, what to do in Paris, and how to attend an exclusive pastry class in Paris!

Goop’s 72 Hours in Vancouver – I’m very interested in exploring more of Canada. I loved Montreal and Toronto!

22 Sunny places to visit to escape the winter blues, or just because you love being by the water like me.

Influencers Who Influence My Travels

The best time to travel to Morocco according to one of my all-time favorite travel bloggers.

Allison Anderson is one of the FIRST bloggers/YouTubers I ever loyally followed, though at the time beauty was her focus. I’m excited that she’s back and covering travel on both outlets, specifically solo travel.

A Copenhagen city guide from a British YouTuber I’ve been following for years, and has very recently become an author!

In Case You Missed It

If you want to see Links To Look At posts more often, comment below with the top destinations on your 2019 bucket list, or head over to my Instagram post and tell me your favorite meal(s) of 2018!

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