Why 1000 North in Jupiter is a Local Treasure

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This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about 1000 North on my blog. If you read my How To Order Your Drink post, you’d see a sneak peek to the amazing first experience I had drinking and dining there for the first time this summer. Ever since that day, I’ve been eager to return and bring along more friends and family. I did just that this past weekend, and no surprise, made another a huge fan of 1000 North. I haven’t done exclusive restaurant reviews of many places (yet) on the blog, but the ones I have are among my absolute favorite restaurants in town! Keep reading to find out why 1000 North in Jupiter is a local treasure.

The Food

Summer is always an amazing time to try new restaurants in the Palm Beaches (when it’s off-season), especially when they are expensive restaurants. I went to the bar at 1000 North during the Social Hour (3-6pm weekdays), and was pleased that their entire specialty cocktails menu was reduced to $10 each (compared to $15 full price). They also had select wines, beers, and liquors all under $10.  I ordered their Verditta Margarita with Volcan de Mi Terra tequila, pineapple, mint, cilantro, lime, jalapeño, and their Juan Collins with Herradura Reposado tequila, lemon, strawberry, mint. Both were light, refreshing, and easy to drink considering they were tequila. As I sat at the bar, everyone around me ordered their Prime Burger, which was a great deal for a full-size entree at only $9! Regrettably, I ordered the Smoked Kingfish with pickled vegetables and fingerling potato chips. It wasn’t bad, but it was exciting either. Also for $9, I wish I went with the burger.

Jump ahead to dinner, I moved to a table in their gorgeous dining room. It’s modern with high ceilings and an open kitchen, but also very comfortable and scenic with large windows wrapping around two sides. I learned about their Prix-Fixe Summer Menu, which was available for dinner only Monday through Thursday. Even better, they allowed me to split one prix-fixe menu with my friend, which is rare. Even though we are into fall already, the items we had from the summer prix-fixe menu are still available on their regular menu now!

We started with the Charleston She-Crab Soup with lump crab meat, sherry, smoked paprika, which is one of the top three soups I’ve ever had in my life. So delicious! The head chef is from Charleston, and this is one of his special family recipes. For the entree, we chose the Dijon-Crusted Prime Rib with french onion au jus, horseradish crème fraîche, and truffle salt fries. It was an amazing deal, especially when you realize that my photo below was just HALF of the portion included in the prix-fixe. The truffle fries stole the show to be honest. I will continue to order them every time I go to 1000 North! I can’t explain what exactly they do, but they’re incredible fries. There were less options for the dessert, so we opted for the Seasonal Cobbler with peach and raspberry. It was good, but I wish it wasn’t deconstructed.

Initially, we were worried that splitting the Prix-Fixe wouldn’t be enough food, so we also ordered the Thai Shrimp with hearts of palm, blood orange gastrique, sea beans, watermelon radish. I’m so glad, because it was a perfect balance of light and flavorful. I would absolutely order this dish again and again. Needless to say, we were stuffed and satisfied.

Bringing it back to this past weekend when I returned to 1000 North, I was so torn if I should order my favorite dishes from last time or try something new. So, of course, I did both! We ordered the Charleston She Crab Soup, Truffle Salt Fries, and the (new to us) Prime Steak Tartare with olives, pistachios, egg, and black truffle. I order steak tartare pretty often, and this was one of the best I’ve ever had. Texturally, the pistachios were a great addition. Flavor-wise, I appreciated the olives and eggs. And of course, you can’t go wrong with fresh black truffle shavings!

The Service

I never expect a new restaurant to have good service. It’s brand new people who don’t know each other expected to work together and understand the menu inside and out. That said, 1000 North found some incredible staff who have provided 10/10 service both times I’ve visited. The bartender David, who I spoke very highly of in my How To Order Your Drink post, walked by our table outside after months since our last visit and remembered us immediately. He was working upstairs in the private club, but still took care of us for any and all cocktails we wanted. Not only did he make the drinks for us, but he personally delivered and did the full presentation for those drinks. His 19th century old fashioned was especially impressive! You can check out the video I took on my Palm Beach Instagram story.

Tips Before You Go

With a setting on the water, the Jupiter Lighthouse in the background, and famous founders including Michael Jordan and Ernie Els, it’s a busy restaurant. I recommend making a reservation regardless of the day or time of day, and requesting a table by the window if you want to sit inside. If you want to sit outside, bring a light jacket and bug spray (if you’re prone to bug bites like me)! The parking is valet only, so I would also bring a little cash as a courtesy. 

I hope you enjoy dining at 1000 North as much as I have! Let me know what your favorite dishes are below for next time.

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